Thrust System Workshop

There is a Pratt & Whitney brand J-85 turbojet engine and a Turbomeca model Artouste IIC SA-318C turbo shaft engine donated by the General Directorate of Aviation Department of the Police General Directorate, awarded by the Air Force Technical Schools Command by the Air Force at the Ikki Systems Workshop. In addition, there are 3 piston engines produced by Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche companies and the Land Forces Command which is in our company. There are 2 Continental IO-520 eight-cylinder boxer engines from the 3rd Carrier Aviation Regiment. The workshop air conditioning and air conditioning system, the compressed air line and the technical documentation required for the disassembly of the motors, boroskop sets, tools, equipment and upgrades are available.

Pratt & whitney                   J85

Turbomeca                         Artouste IIC SA-318C

Continental                         IO-520

Mercedes-Benz                  OM651

Volkswagen-Audi                AMB Engine          

Porsche                             911